The Nation needs to know!

Whether it is an agitation of farmers or a sleight of politics.

Whether it is not seen as a chance to regain and recover the lost and forgotten glories and memories of the Congress Party on the wings of the agitation of farmers — otherwise it is incapable and incapacitated to make and create a U-turn to the apostle and pinnacle of power in the present times and climes

Did it not inspire and encourage the forces of Khalistan supporters to carry out their evil designs and inflict the indelible scars on the national flag, the most dear of the dearest things to every Indian for which the brave soldiers of the country are ever ready, with all the alacrity, to lay their lives — ever and ever again.

Does it not give an opportunity for a wishful temptation to have a change of the chief minister to the liking of a particular section of society by disrupting the otherwise orderly establishment in Haryana.

Whether it is not an attempt to make the upright and indomitable prime minister genuflect before the inappropriate wishes of the opposition by creating unbearable scenes of misdemeanor and disgrace.

Every Indian is to dive deep into the troubled waters to grabble and grapple — and to feel and realize — the intentions of the agitation in the wake of the disappointing happenings of the Republic Day.

The writer is also a farmer and above all a solider — really much interested in the weal and welfare of the brethren farmers — but badly hurt by the highjacking of the agitation by the political parties of the opposition -

Otherwise what was the hitch and hesitation in discussing the merits and demerits of the farm laws across the table and reach a viable and all pervasive consensus to avoid the chaos the country is watching day-in and day-out on tv-screens everyday.

May good senses prevail on the government and the farmers lest the enemies of the country create undesirable situations.

Written without any bias against any caste, creed, or religion or the cults and the classes or the group of people, with due apology for the innocent and bonafide slip off pen.

May the farmers reconsider their resolution for 6th of February 2021.

Written by Diwan Singh Advocate

District Courts, Gurgaon

A Senior Criminal Lawyer | Gurugram | Avid Reader | Grand Father